Where sex be happy happy

This be story about drug that original be develop for give white peoples tan with no sun, but in clinical study make rats extreme horny. Everybody in laboratory get extreme excite and Bremalanotide be conceive. Bremalanotide–Svutlana prefer for think of as Slutzal–no only cause erectogenesis that be fancy word for hard-on, but also desire inside mind. And, unlike Viagra, Slutzal work miracle for both mens and womens. Slutzal be first drug in history that be prove for increase female libido.

Peoples take drug, feel hum sensations as drug go down on hypothalamus, and immediate want for make happy happy.

Here be artist Yuko Shimizu depiction of what happen for New York City if Slutzal ever come for market…


As can see you, traffic on West XXX Street come for complete fuck halt. It be clear that Slutzal can never come for market because it lead for economic anarchies. Nobody want for work anymore. Everybody just want for make happy happy on top of taxi with strangers.

Of course there be side effect. What drug no have side effect? In case of Slutzal, side effect be nausea and increase blood pressures. Slutzal be drop in Phase III clinical trial at FDA request due for concerns with regard for risk-benefit of drug.

Risk-benefit? Wait one minutes. Why FDA make decision on behalf of all peoples, especial womens who have no Viagra? Maybe real problem with Slutzal be that it be too good.

Maybe peoples want for spin Slutzal nasal spray bottle and take chances. Can go out for evening and there be possibility that at end of evening, due for too much chianti, that your head be inside toilet. This be chance you take when go out for have good times. Similar, your blood pressures can rise due for variety of factors, none of which be as fun as sex. Maybe you be willing for risk vomit or blood pressure surge in exchange for good chance that you feel hum of desire.

Svutlana work for big drugged company and absolute no be in favour of pharmaceutical solutions for problems that can be solve with lifestyle interventions, little bit coaching and couple of affirmations. But hypoactive desire be intractable problem for many peoples, especial womens, who loose their freak and want it back but have absolute no fuck ideas where for look.

Have me no ideas about you, but Svutlana would try Slutzal one times for see what happen. Unfortunate none of us will ever have chance. What does FDA decision and fact that Harvard no have sex department say about systemic sexphobia in Unite States? What be imply benefit of sex when little bit nausea or pitter patter of heart wipe it out? Why we no have Harvard Sex Review?

Drugged company now work on subcutaneous Slutzal that show promise, but libido by injection maybe look little bits too much like heroin and be much harder sell for Fifty Shades of Grey womens who be market segment with greatest deficit of desire. Beside, what happen for society if womens, those stalwart guardians of maternity and monogamy, all of sudden become fill with lusts? This be scenario Svutlana love for fantasize about. It ignite my libido.

What you think? You want for try Slutzal and take chances or you be okay with FDA decision for remove choice on your behalf?


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