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Orgasm face or extreme pain face?

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 9.29.47 AM


Of course all faces be orgasm face–Svutlana never show pain expression on Svutlana blog–but if Svutlana say doctor snap broken bone in for place and this be face patient make, you probable believe that too.

When look at orgasm gallery one can absolute no help but wonder what for fuck? Why does orgasm face look so ouch? Allan Pease, Australia body language expert, famous say that mens never fake orgasm because would never make orgasm face on purpose.

Apparent reason for orgasm face be that pain and pleasure follow same pathway in brain. At last moment pain veer left and pleasure veer right and we experience extreme pleasure in body but somebody forget for tell face so we get orgasm face also know as beautiful agonies.

Can see more beautiful agonies here.

Happy New Years for you with hope that your 2015 be fill with orgasm faces.



From yules of yesteryears…


How big be bit more large than normal?

Dear Svutlana,

My girlfriend and I recently started having sex and have had some difficulties. My penis is about 10″ and thick so it is a bit larger than normal, but I thought that would be a good thing. However the first few times we tried, we couldn’t get it in. Now we are able to slowly get it in almost half way but as soon as I start to move in and out she has an orgasm and doesn’t feel like she can continue.

What can I do differently, Svutlana?

Dear Mr Bit More Large Than Normal,

Thank you too much for letter that contain no one, but two medical marvel that in entire history of happy happy probable never meet:

1. Womens who have orgasm when gashooshlank tiptoe half way down vaginal hallway and
2. Gashooshlank that be “bit more large than normal”¬†

First piece of vice Svutlana have for you be for stop immediate with refer for gashooshlank as “bit more large than normal”. Gashooshlank be LOT more large than normal. For drive this point home, so for speak, Svutlana ¬†prepare special PowPoint presentation especial for you entitle, “How Big Be My Gashooshlank?”

Everybody else can plot where they (or someone they know) be on chart and hopeful feel relative happy about.

Source: Svutlandia Sex Institute Annual Gashooshlank Census

Chart be frequency distribution that count percentage of peoples who be at particular gashooshlank length in inch. If you count range of numbers, you see that over two-third of mens be between five and six inch and 5.5 – 5.75 inch be most popular size. You be ten inch and ten inch be outside range of what be human possible on chart, Mr Bit More Large Than Normal. If you in fact be ten inch there be special place for you in Svutlandia Sex Museum wax gashooshlank exhibit.

Regardless of exact length of gashooshlank, both you and girlfriend be extreme special peoples, Mr Bit More Large Than Normal. It be rare for find womens who both have orgasm with intercourse alone and have orgasm extreme fast. Most time when there be problem, it be mens who have orgasm extreme fast and womens who be sit and wonder why party be over before they even have chance for dive in for punch bowl.

Profuse apologize Svutlana for say, Mr Bit More Large Than Normal, but it be possible that girlfriend fake orgasm when you be half way inside because she be afraid of what maybe happen for her if you go all in. Girlfriend maybe think her internal organs get rearrange with intestines become necklace or vaginal walls get damage like when try for force bit-more-large-than-normal sofa in for broom closet.

You need for ask girlfriend if she be scare and if so, ask her for write for Svutlana.

Warm regard you,