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Tissue cleavage. Buzz kill, augmentation strategy or handy accessory?


Svutlana make happy happy other nights and discover for horrors that bra be stuff with tissues because more early in day Svutlana wear outfit with no pockets or sleeves and anticipate needs for tissues. Mens maybe no know this, but bra be repository of last resorts for tissues where tissues do double duties as breast augmentations.

Svutlana discover that tissues provide comic reliefs that actual enhance buzz. Laughter from tissue cleavage reduce stress hormones and boost endorphins that help make happy happy even more happy.  Further, if store inside bra, tissue can be close at hands for quick and easy clean up after make happy happy. Rather than do trapeze act with try for reach tissue box under bed while still be attach for partner, store tissue inside lingerie and make post-happy-happy clean up quick and easy.