Where sex be happy happy

After many years of write Svutlana Blog, Svutlana have new positions. Svutlana be appoint DJ for Orgasmic Jukebox at ODS Foundation, organization with mission for eradicate ODS and increase world supply of high-quality orgasms.

ODS be Orgasm Deficiency Syndrome, odious affliction that affect virtual everybody (except asexual peoples) at some points in their lifetime.

If you want for find out more about ODS and see what Svutlana be up for, you can visit ODS website where you will find blog that be somewhat similar for Svutlana blog, but write in English.

Here be our logo:


Svutlana be extreme excite for be part of this orgasmic organization that be full of peoples just like Svutlana who work hard for make world more happy happy place.

Thank you too much for everybody who read Svutlana blog and hopeful you make journey with me for ODS Foundation.


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